Super Annuation Fund TDS - Tax Deducted at Source

Super Annuation Fund TDS is the amount of tax getting deducted from the Employee by the person paying (Trustees of SAF).

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  1. Section Reference
  2. Person responsible to Deduct
  3. Payee
  4. Nature of Income
  5. Additions & Exemptions
  6. When Tax is to be deducted?
  7. Rates
  8. Whether shortfall or excess TDS can be adjusted in future payments?
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Super Annuation Fund TDS 192(5)

Section Reference


Person responsible for Paying (or) Person Liable to Deduct (PAYER)

Trustees of a super-annuation fund

Person from whom tax is to be deducted (PAYEE)



Nature of Income

Contributions by employer and interest thereon.

Additions & Exemptions

To the extent such contributions and interest thereon is exempt under section 10(13) to be excluded.


When Tax is to be deducted

At the time of payment of the sum

Rate of TDS

Average of ART of the employee for the immediately preceding 3 years, or such lesser period during which he was a member.

Whether shortfall or excess Provident Fund TDS can be adjusted in future payments



Other Notes

How the Superannuation Fund Scheme works?

Superannuation Fund (SAF) refers to a fund to which the employer alone contributes. However, the employee is also permitted to make contributions voluntarily.

Established with sole purpose of,

  • providing annuities for employees in the trade or undertaking on their retirement at, or

  • after a specified age, or

  • on their becoming incapacitated prior to such retirement, or

  • for the widows, children or

  • dependents of persons who are or have been such employees on death of those persons.

SAF, if approved by the Chief Commissioner of Income-tax or Commissioner of Income-tax, will be known as "Approved Superannuation Fund" (ASAF).

The employee has the option to transfer his Superannuation Fund to the current employer from previous employer.

If the current employer does not have a Super Annuation fund scheme, then the employee shall withdraw the amount.


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