Apply for PAN Number

How to apply for PAN-Card using online PAN Application Form?

Step 1: Get the Online Application Form

If you are going to apply for PAN Number online go to NSDL

Apply for PAN


Select the appropriate PAN Type - E.g. "Individual"

Online PAN Application

Application form will be displayed.

There are 14 (fourteen) mandatory fields in the PAN application. Let's see one by one.


Step 2: Get AO Code, Type, Range


Select Non-International / International based on where you will be assessed.

Select Mumbai / Other than Mumbai based on your address, and select the Place/City.

PAN AO Selection

Select the option based on your Income & PIN Code given in the list and click "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. Your form will be filled with AO details.

Note down the Ward/Circle, Range and Commissioner details and fill in the appropriate fields.

PAN AO Selected


Step 3: Name

While applying for PAN Number, you should enter your name as per your ID & Address proof, you are about to submit with your PAN application.

You can fill in appropriate Name in the field "Name you would like printed on the card". Enter the name you will commonly use for official purposes like Bank A/c, Invoices etc.



Step 4: Father's Name & Address

If you are an Individual, fill in your father's name. Even married women should give only father's name, and not husband's name.

Fill in the Address for which you have the address proof. Provide all the fields like Town/City/District, State/Union Territory, and PINCODE. All are mandatory.

For Individuals, HUF, AOP, BOI or AJP, residential address is mandatory.

For Firm, LLP, Company, Local Authority and Trust, Office address is mandatory.

PAN Address


Step 5: Communication

Individuals can select Residential/Office address based on the address proof you have. All communication related to your PAN application will be sent to the address you provide in this field. So make the decision carefully.

Fill in the Telephone number.

PAN Address

Provide the Country Code "91" by selecting India from the Dropdown menu.

PAN Address

In case of Telephone don't forget to provide the STD Code, for example 11 for Delhi, 22 for Mumbai, 44 for Chennai etc. Don't include '0'.

Gender is mandatory for Individuals. Others shall leave this field blank.

Date While you apply for PAN, for your company/firm you should have the Date of Registration. Refer your company's Certificate of Registration, for the correct date.

  1. Individual: Actual Date of Birth;

  2. Company: Date of Incorporation;

  3. Association of Persons: Date of formation/creation;

  4. Trusts: Date of creation of Trust Deed;

  5. Partnership Firms: Date of Partnership Deed;

  6. LLPs : Date of Incorporation/Registration;

  7. HUFs: Date of creation of HUF and for ancestral HUF date can be 01-01-0001 where the date of creation is not available.


Step 6: Heads of Income

Select options a/b/c based on the heads of Income. "a" is for Salaried/ "b" for Business/ "c" for those having only Income from House Property/Capital Gains/Other sources.

When you apply for PAN, it is mandatory to indicate at least one of the sources of incomes. Some parents are applying for PAN Card for their kids. In that case, they can select option 'C'.

PAN Business Income

In case, the income from Business/profession is selected, then an appropriate business/ profession code should be selected from the dropdown menu.

PAN Business Code

PAN Business Code

If you don't have Salary/Business Income then you can select option c & then select appropriate head(s) of Income.

PAN Business Code


Step 7: Payment Details

You need to pay a small fee when you apply for PAN. You can select the payment options available.

  1. Demand Draft, or

  2. Cheque, or

  3. Credit Card, or

  4. Net Banking.

PAN Business Code

Demand Draft/Cheque should be drawn in favour of 'NSDL - PAN' for Rs.96.

If you have net banking facility with the following banks, you shall pay directly.

Allahabad Bank
Andhra Bank
Axis Bank
Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait
Bank of Baroda - Corporate Banking
Bank of Baroda - Retail Banking
Bank of India
Bank of Maharashtra
Canara Bank
Central Bank of India
City Union Bank
Corporation Bank
Deutsche Bank
Development Credit Bank
Dhanlaxmi Bank
Federal Bank
Indian Bank
Indian Overseas Bank
IndusInd Bank
ING Vysya Bank
Jammu and Kashmir Bank
Karnataka Bank Ltd
Karur Vysya Bank
Kotak Bank
Laxmi Vilas Bank
Oriental Bank of Commerce
Punjab National Bank - Corporate Banking
Punjab National Bank - Retail Banking
Punjab & Sind Bank
Shamrao Vitthal Co-operative Bank
South Indian Bank
State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
State Bank of Hyderabad
State Bank of India
State Bank of Mysore
State Bank of Patiala
State Bank of Travancore
Syndicate Bank
Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank Ltd.
UCO Bank
Union Bank of India
United Bank of India
Vijaya Bank
Yes Bank Ltd

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