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Here you can find lot of useful tax information, like,

  1. Tax Due dates,

  2. Tax Forms to use,

  3. Tax Rates applicable & Calculation of tax liability,

  4. How to claim tax deductions, exemptions?,

  5. Salary Taxation,

  6. House property Income Tax,

  7. Capital Gains Tax,

  8. Business Income Taxation,

  9. Tax on Other Sources Income,

  10. Tax filing procedures, etc.,


Mere information is not sufficient always. You are unique. So does your tax scenario, calculation, liabilities etc.,

Sometimes reading the Income Tax articles may confuse you more. What can you do in that situation?

You need an expert's opinion or advice. Where can you find an expert to answer your questions?

You need not go anywhere. Your experts are here at Accounting-n-Taxation.Com to answer any of your tax questions.

You can post any questions related to taxation here. Our tax experts will answer your queries. It's almost like Free Online Tax Consultation.

Why do they offer Free Service?

It's a great opportunity to,

  • Share their knowledge/experience in taxation,

  • Get customers/clients,

  • Keep themselves abreast of latest tax amendments, circulars, rules etc.,

Can you guess how many questions we have answered so far!

It has already crossed 1000!

Have questions? Post it here!

Ok. This is one part of our online tax service. We don't stop here!

You can ask for many online tax services. Not for free though. It would be a paid service. Here is some of the online tax services we offer:

  • Individual Tax Return Preparation and filing,

  • Business Income tax Preparation and filing, and

  • Complete Corporate book keeping and tax filing services.

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Income Tax India
Taxation Online reference
Income Tax India - A Quick Intro
Income Tax India - A quick introduction for the First time tax payers and Students
Residential Status
Residential Status - Determine whether you Resident Indian or Non-Resident as per Income Tax Act, India.
Income Tax Brackets for Women, Senior Citizen and other Residents of India
Income Tax Brackets for Indian Resident women, Senior citizen and others
Personal Income Tax Rates for Women, Senior Citizen and other Residents of India
Personal Income Tax Rates for Indian Resident women, Senior citizen and others
Corporate Income Tax Rates - Firms, Domestic Companies, Foreign Companies, Local Authorities
Corporate Income Tax Rates - Firms, Domestic Companies, Foreign Companies, Local Authorities and Co-operative societies
PAN Card
Apply for PAN Card, Check your PAN application status
Apply for PAN
How to apply for PAN Number using online PAN Application Form?
PAN Application
PAN Application - How to submit Acceptable ID Proof and Address Proof Documents?
Salary Income
Salary Income - How to calculate Income under the head Salaries for Resident and for Non-Resident?
Salary Exempt
Salary Exempt for Remuneration Earned By An Individual and an Official From UNO, Deductions u/s 16
Perquisite Valuation
Perquisite Valuation of Rent-Free Accommodation, Concession in Rent, Domestic Servant, Gas, Electric Energy and Water
Perquisites Value
Perquisites Value of Securities Option Specified Security, Sweat Equity Shares and Other Benefit or Amenity, Service, Right or Privilege
Perquisite Value
Perquisite Value of Interest Subsidy, Traveling, Gift Voucher, Food, Club and others
Perquisites Exempt
Perquisites Exempt Under Section 10 for Leave Travel Concession, Indian citizen employed aboard & tax paid on behalf of any employee
Taxable Perquisite Value
Taxable Perquisite Value of Motor Car, Educational & Transport Facilities
Retirement Benefits
Retirement Benefits Tax Exemptions for Gratuity,Pension and Leave Salary Under Section 10
Tax On Compensation Received
Tax On Compensation Received - Retrenchment, Voluntary Retirement/Separation Compensation
Tax On Provident Funds
Tax On Provident Funds and Superannuation Funds - Exemptions available for various PFs & SAFs
Tax On Pension
Tax On Pension - Know how to calculate your taxable family pension and deductions available u/s 10 with example calculation.
Salary TDS - Tax Deducted at Source
Salary TDS - Why your Employer Deduct Tax from your Salaries and Perquisites?
Provident Fund TDS - Tax Deducted at Source
Provident Fund TDS - Tax Deducted at Source from Salaries
Super Annuation Fund TDS - Tax Deducted at Source
Super Annuation Fund TDS - Tax Deducted at Source from Salaries
House Property
House Property Income Calculation - Do you know how to claim Interest Deduction and avail Concession in respect of any one your Residential House?
House Property Income
House Property Income Tax- Let out, Deemed let out, Unrealised Rent Recovered
Income from House Property
Income from House Property - How to determine Ownership and gross annual value of your residential property?
Business Tax Accounting
Business Tax Accounting - Books needs to maintained by Business Owners and Professionals, Penalty, Time Limit, Place of Maintenance
Small Business Taxes
Small Business Taxes Incomes Taxable under the head business or profession and definitions as per Income Tax Act in India.
Written Down Value
Written Down Value of Block of asset in case of Slump sale, Succession, Transfer Between Holding and Subsidiary, Amalgamation, Demerger, Corporatisation
Depreciation Rates
Depreciation Rates for Buildings, Furniture and Fittings, Plant and Machinery, Vehicles, Know-how, Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Licences, Franchises
Hotel Business Tax
Hotel Business Tax - Deduction u/s 80ID for hotels in specified districts having a World Heritage Site
Tax Audit
Tax Audit Tips - Business turnover 60 Lacs? Professional Receipt 15 Lacs? Get Ready for Tax Audit!
TDS -Tax Deducted at Source
TDS - Tax Deducted at Source from Salaries, Interest on securities, Interest on Dividends etc
Minimum Alternate Tax Calculation
Minimum Alternate Tax Calculation - Realtime Scenario
Minimum Alternate Tax
Minimum Alternate Tax - When your company needs to pay MAT, How to calculate MAT as per 115JB, Report in Form 29B, MAT Exemption for Companies located in SEZ.
Corporate Tax Credits
Corporate Tax Credits - Tax Credits available for Companies u/s 115JAA of Minimum alternate Tax paid as per section 115JA or 115JB.
Taxation of Capital Gains
Taxation of Capital Gains - What is Capital Asset? What is Short Term Capital Asset?.
Short Term Capital Gains
Short Term Capital Gains Calculation for Non-Depreciable assets & special provision relating to shares
Long Term Capital Gains
Long Term Capital Gains Calculation for Non-Depreciable assets & special provision relating to shares
LTCG Deduction
LTCG Deduction - While selling a residential house and purchase/construct a new residential house
Cost Inflation Index From F.Y 1981 to F.Y 2012
Cost Inflation Index Notified By Central Government of India: For F.Y 1981 - F.Y 2012
Capital Gains Deductions
Capital Gains Deductions for Compulsory Acquisition
Long Term Capital Gain Deduction
Long Term Capital Gain Deduction u/s 54EC for Investing in NHAI & RECL Bonds
Long Term Capital Gains Deduction
Long Term Capital Gains Deduction u/s 54F for Constructing/Purchasing Residential House
Capital Gains Deduction 54G
Capital Gains Deduction 54G for Purchasing new machinery and for acquiring building or land or constructing building for business purpose
Interest on Securities
Interest on Securities - Know how your Interest Income is taxed and various tax exemption available under section 10(15)
Income From Other Sources
Income From Other Sources - How to calculate Taxable Income From Other Sources like Winnings from Lotteries, Games, Gifts, Keyman Insurance, Dividends, Interest on Securities etc.
Taxable Gifts
Taxable Gifts - Know whether cash gifts from parents, spouse, employer, friend are taxable or not.
Clubbing of Income
Clubbing Of Income In The Hands Of An Individual - assets transferred to Spouse or Son's Wife
Income Tax Deductions Chapter VI-A 80C
Income Tax Deductions 80C TO 80CCE, deductions for Repayment of amount borrowed and Subscriptions.
Income Tax Deduction Chapter VI-A Section 80D TO 80GGC
Income Tax Deduction u/s 80D, 80DD, 80DDB, 80E, 80GG, 80GGA, 80GGB, 80GGC, allowed from the Gross Total Income
Contact Us
Contact Us for Getting our Best Online Tax Consultation, Tax Return Filing, Accounting or Bookkeeping Services
Chartered Accountant Profile Submission Form
Chartered Accountant Profile Submission Form for availing Free Listing to get highly Targeted Customers
Chartered Accountant Firm Profile Submission Form
Chartered Accountant Firm Profile Submission Form to Get Free Listing and High Reputation and Exposure among your Clients
Tax Preparers Online
Experienced Tax Preparers Income Tax, Service Tax, Sales Tax Online Consultation
Chartered Accountant Jobs
Chartered Accountant Jobs in India
Wanted Articles Assistants
Wanted Articles Assistants in Chennai
Wanted Audit Staff
Wanted Audit Staff in India
Wanted Chartered Accountants
Wanted Chartered Accountants in India
Financial Professional Blog!
Financial Professional Blog for Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, Company Secretary
Indian Income Tax
Indian Income Tax Blogger
Income Tax Deadline - Crucial to Avoid Costly Tax Penalties
Know Income Tax Deadline and avoid paying your hard earned money as penalty
Online Service Request Form
Online Service Request Form for Individual Return Filing
Corporate Online Return Filing Service
Corporate Online Return Filing Service Request Form
Income Tax Question Form
Income Tax Question Form for Free Online Consultation. Have questions related to your Income Tax in India. Post it here.
Questions on Tax
Questions on Tax - A fun place to read and share Jokes on Tax! Must Read if you have lot of gray hairs because of your tax worries.
Income Tax Question & Answer by Tax Experts!
Income Tax Question and Answer from our Tax Experts
Tax Questions & Answers by Tax Experts!
Common Tax Questions and Answers related to HRA, 80C, Perquisites, TDS, Tax return filing, NRI
Corporate Fees - Domestic Companies, Foreign Companies
Corporate Fees - Domestic Companies, Foreign Companies
Income Tax Forms Online
Income Tax Forms Online from Income Tax Department of India grouped based on utility like Reports, Certificates, Applications, Declaration etc
Income Tax Forms
Income Tax Forms for appeal to the Commissioner of Income-tax, Appellate Tribunal etc., like 35, 36, 37f, 42, 43, 44
Taxation Forms
Taxation Forms - Income Tax Return Filing Forms ITR1, ITR2, ITR3, ITR4 and ITR4S(SUGAM) for Individuals and HUFs for AY 2012-13
Income Tax Return Forms
Income Tax Return Forms 24, 24Q, 26, 26Q, 26QA, 26QAA, 27, 27EQ, 27Q, 37H, 61A etc. Nicely Grouped!
Income Tax Return Help
Income Tax Return Help and free online consultation service for tax payers in India
Direct Tax Code
Direct Tax Code - Key highlights of the DTC which would be of an individual tax payer’s interest
Dividend Tax
Dividend Tax - Types of Dividends? How to calculate Dividend Tax Liability? Exemptions available
Tax Jokes
Tax Jokes - A fun place to read and share Jokes on Tax! Must Read if you have lot of gray hairs because of your tax worries.
Service Tax India
Service Tax India - Tax Return Preparation, Online Tax Consultation, Tax return filing for Individuals, Corporates in India.
Online Services - Return Filing, Consultation, Registration services
Declared Services
Declared Services - Service Tax Nine activities specified in section 66E
Service Tax Negative List
Service Tax Negative List - all services, except those specified in the negative list, will be subject to taxation
Service Tax Exemptions
Service Tax Exemptions - Taxable services exempt from service tax
CBDT Central Board of Direct Taxes unearthing black money
Annual Information Return
Annual Information Return and free online consultation service for tax payers in India
Taxability of Mutual Funds
Taxability of Mutual Funds - Know the tax benefits available for Investors in Mutual Fund Units.
APA - Advance Pricing Agreement Scheme Rules 10F to 10T of Income Tax Rules, 1962




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